Sports Massage

Sports massage is applicable to everybody. It is a combination of massage techniques tailored to your affected muscle groups, based on the activities you do, whether that is running ultra-marathons, gardening or just sitting at a desk.
The difference between a sports massage and a body massage is that it will have a specific focus and work to relieve muscular pain and tension in that area.
Sports massage can be helpful pre-and post an event. It can be used as general maintenance to resolve aches and pains and muscular dysfunction, and to aid recovery from injury.

Sports massage helps to…

  • Identify signs of dysfunction
  • Aids recovery from injury
  • Reduces muscular tension and therefore pain
  • Eliminate metabolic waste products (eg lactic acid)
  • Improve range of movement and flexibility
  • Break down scar tissue

Sports Massage
£45 per 60 minute treatment